(SPS) ROHS compliant certified
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Product Focus: Fusionloc™ (Splice Protection Sleeves)

Designed to restore complete environmental and mechanical integrity of coating or buffer of  optical fiber after splicing.
Sleeves are manufactured using state of the art machines and controlled manufacturing  environment in an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility.
Outer tube conforms to MIL-I 23053/5 class 2 standards.
Hot melt adhesive tube made from polyolefin Ethyl Vinyl Acetate copolymer bonds both to  the   fiber and heat shrinkable outer tube to
  effectively encapsulate fusion splice.
Strength member is made from "Full hard" stainless steel of 316 grade and is ground at the  edges before polishing to make it completely burr
  free to avoid rupturing during shrinking. 316  grade gives better corrosion resistance than 304 or equivalent grade, even in coastal
Resistant to heat shocks, no cracking dripping or flowing.
Long term proven performance, exceeds industry standards with satisfied customers  Approved by CACT, Bangalore., India
Sleeves are preshrunk which ensures integrity of assembly during transportation and reduces shrinking time during field installations thus increasing battery life of oven.

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Standard Sleeve (Product Code : FLSPS-SD)
This sleeve design represents the industry's most standard design. Standard length is 60mm. Sleeves come with a clear outer tube for viewing the color of the fiber. Diameter after shrinking 3.0mm CACT approved. Also available in 45mm and 8 colors
Slim Sleeve (Product Code : FLSPS-SM)
  Available in clear these sleeves use reduced diameter components for a smaller finished product. The smaller diameter allows users to fit more splices in existing splice trays. Diameter after shrinking 2.5mm.Length available 60mm, 45mm, 40mm.
Mini Sleeve (Product Code : FLSPS-MN)
  This sleeve will recover to 2.0 mm and is available in clear. Standard lengths available 60mm, 45mm, 40mm.
Micro Sleeve 1 (Product Code : FLSPS-MI-1.5)
  Used where space is very limited especially in couplers and ultra high density trays. Recovered dia. 1.5mm. Length 35mm, 25mm.
Micro Sleeve 2 (Product Code : FLSPS-MI-1.3)
  Slimmest sleeves available in the market. Recovered dia. 1.3 mm. Length 35mm, 25mm.

Die Electric Micro Sleeve (Product Code : FLSPS-MI-DE-1.5)


High mechanical strength Die electric strength member used make theses micro sleeves. Recovered dia. 1.5mm. Length 35mm, 25mm.

Ribbon Sleeves (Product Code : FLSPS-RB)
  Suitable for 4 to 12 fiber ribbons. High mechanical strength ceramic strength member. Standard Length 40mm.

Complete facility to develop sleeves with variety of diameters and lengths as per customer requirements.
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