(SPS) ROHS compliant certified
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Technical Specifications:
  Outer Tube - Polyolefin (meets MIL - I -23053/5 Class 2)
 Working Temperature
 -50°C to 125°C)
 Ultimate Strength
 220 Kg/cm 2
 Elongation  650%
 Specific Gravity  0.95
 Water Absorption  0.05%
 Minimum Shrink  
 Temperature  90°C
 Fungus Resistance  Inert
 Solvent Resistance  Good
 Acid Resistance  Excellent
  Inner Tube - Polyolefin Copolymer (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate)
 Ultimate Strength  200 Kg/cm 2
 Elongation  700%
 Melting Point  80°C
 Specific Gravity  0.93
  Strength Member
 Single Fiber Sleeves  316 Stainless Steel with rounded and  polished ends
 Ribbon/Dielectric sleeves  Polished ceramic (White)
 or Quartz (Transparent)
Completed Shrink (per Telcordia Technologies GR-1380-CORE) Heat shrink protector
Smooth, even & consistent
Fiber/Splice is visible
 Life Test
Meets installation as well as in service age criteria
 Loose parts
All parts captivated
 Shrink Time*
Standard: 90 seconds
 Mini/Micro: 60 seconds
 Ribbon: 120 seconds
 Interface with fibers
All sleeves except micro are compatible with up to  900 micron fibers Micro compatible with up to 400  micron fibers
 Fiber retention
Meets tensile load requirements
 Universal installation
Aerial , underground or buried application
*Shrink times will vary with manufacturer of the heater used and the ambient temperature.